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Patrick Beach leading a very full yoga class

Patrick Beach Weekend

Patrick Beach Weekend

World-renowned yoga instructor Patrick Beach will join us at Destination Kohler, February 4–6 for a weekend of holistic, playful Awakening Yoga experiences. Through his Commune Yoga Studio, Patrick shares yoga internationally leading classes, workshops and training programs. His vigorous and fluid vinyasa practice builds strength and creates flexibility while inspiring play, guiding students to an introspective, holistic experience.


Preferred rates are available at The American Club, allowing you to immerse yourself in a weekend of wellbeing and mindfulness guided by one of the most influential and inspiring leaders in the yoga community.




Fly Higher | Arm Balancing Exploration & Techniques


February 4 | 5:30–7:30pm | Yoga on the Lake | $65

Learn to glide through your practice with lightness as we explore how we can utilize our unique strengths to find lift off! Using efficient alignment principles and exploratory body awareness we will build our arm balances from the ground up. As the practice grows, we can start to take these arm balances with us along the way, honing in on the ever important transitions between postures as we float and fly with grace.


All levels are welcome to this fun exploration of the practice. Join in as we grow wings and prepare for take off!




Awakening Yoga | Solar Practice


February 5 | 10:30am–12:30pm | Yoga on the Lake | $65

Together we will explore the full Awakening Yoga Solar Practice. This intuitive flowing practice asks for your full attention through both challenging movement and complete stillness. Shifting within the balance of organic freedom and structure as go beyond our we explore new ways to create harmony in the yoga practice.


This full class experience will move you through a variety of different deeply integrated postures with grace, breath, and purpose. Experience inner stillness with the aide of expansive pranayama throughout and short meditation to conclude this unified practice.




Awakening Yoga | Lunar Mobility Practice

February 5 | 2:30–4:30pm | Yoga on the Lake | $65

I believe in the foundational truth that we are all designed to move. That movement exists in every plane, and thus so must we. Through this complimentary practice we will utilize an array of principles from movement, somatics, functional mobility, and yoga asana to expand our perceptions of possibility and our capacity for exploration.

The Lunar Mobility Practice includes considerably less weight-bearing shapes and focuses primarily on joint mobility , spacial awareness, and individual range of motion exploration through the lens of a flowing yoga practice.

Be prepared to move, breathe, play, and see what your body is capable of!




Open Heart, Open Mind: How to Harness your Flexibility for Stronger, More Connected Backbends

February 6 | 10:30am–12:30pm | Yoga on the Lake | $65

Together we will focus on a number of heart opening postures and take them to unexpected places of movement and freedom in our bodies. Blurring the lines between strength and flexibility as we tap into our strongest mobile center and learn to safely move through a full range of motion with grace and ease.

So often we find ourselves caught up on just one path or swirling the same old circles, with the same old narratives. Use this expansive, expectation shattering practice to break out of old habits and start moving in new directions! Expect to leave class with a new sense of space and a lighthearted mindset.