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Empower Your Present



Kohler Waters Spa invites you to disconnect from the digital world and reconnect with the essential elements of life. In your locker, you'll find a designated location to tuck away your digital devices. This deliberate act empowers you to break free from the constant pull of screens and seize the chance to live in the moment.


We've thoughtfully curated a collection of captivating reading materials across the spa, ensuring you the opportunity to relax with a compelling book or magazine, enhancing your overall experience.


Restricted Devices
Cell phones, tablets, Kindles, NOOKs,  and eReaders.


Upon your arrival, we warmly encourage you to establish your guided intention for your visit to Kohler Waters Spa—a purpose that may encompass celebration, rejuvenation, or simply relaxation. This purposeful intention will serve as your constant companion throughout your journey with us, enriching every moment of your experience.