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River hole-by-hole

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No. 1

Par 5 — Handicap 5

Start your round with a view you will see throughout the day – the Sheboygan River borders the entire hole along the left side. The deep green can make choosing a club on your approach difficult.

No. 2
Burial Mounds

Par 4 — Handicap 13

Visually intimidating off the tee, severe mounds right, dense foliage left and a green surrounded by bunkers make the first par 4 demanding from tee to green.

No. 3

Par 4 — Handicap 1

Native grasses to the left and behind the green and an expansive bunker along the dogleg await to swallow errant shots. Every player will be challenged by this undulating green

No. 4
Swan Lake

Par 3 — Handicap 15

Swans grace the lake that runs the length of The River’s first par 3. Do not be distracted by the tranquil lake, as this hole will require your ultimate concentration

No. 5
Made in Heaven

Par 4 — Handicap 3

As you stand on the tee box, it will be easy to see where the hole name came from. Enjoy the spectacular view on this classic par 4

No. 6

Par 4 — Handicap 17

Steer left, as the edge of the bluff on the right falls 80 feet to the Sheboygan River on this short dogleg par 4.

No. 7

Par 4 — Handicap 7

Navigate a tee shot over the deep ravine, while avoiding the large bunker left and native fescue grass right. An accurate approach shot is critical to negotiate one of the smallest greens on the course.

No. 8
Hell's Gate

Par 5 — Handicap 9

Forced carry over river valley to fairway some 50 feet below the tee box.  Hole moves sharply to the right to split-level fairway. The shallow, well-guarded green will require precision.

No. 9
Cathedral Spires

Par 4 — Handicap 11

A classic short par 4 offers a conservative play to the left or a risky line to the lower fairway bordered by the Sheboygan River.

No. 10
River and Marsh

Par 3 — Handicap 14

This long par 3 starts the inward nine holes. The green is guarded by water and bunkering on almost every side.

No. 11
Rise and Fall

Par 5 — Handicap 6

The river borders the entire right side of this beautiful, challenging par 5. Tight landing areas require precise shotmaking.

No. 12
Long Lagoon

Par 4 — Handicap 2

A forced carry over the lagoon shortens this long, demanding par 4. Approach demands precision to avoid bunkering left and river right.

No. 13
Tall Timber

Par 3 — Handicap 10

A postcard par 3. Each set of tees presents unique challenges to get to this long, deep green situated behind heavy bunkering and river bordering the right side.

No. 14
Blind Alley

Par 4 — Handicap 16

A return to Swan Lake challenges you from tee to green on this short par 4. With water looming to the right and a large greenside bunker to the left.

No. 15
The Sand Pit

Par 4 — Handicap 18

Aptly named with three large bunkers on the hole, this par 4 offers a generous landing area. The approach shot is downhill, and the green features many subtle undulations

No. 16
Unter Der Linden

Par 5 — Handicap 8

Players must avoid the large bunker on the left, but stay left in order to have a better look at this winding downhill par 5. Approach shots must avoid the towering Linden tree. The deep green falls left toward the Sheboygan River.

No. 17
Snapping Turtle

Par 3 — Handicap 12

This boomerang-shaped tee wraps around a water hazard that also fronts the putting green. The front half of the green slopes toward the water hazard, while the back-half tier is relatively flat.

No. 18

Par 4 — Handicap 4

The memorable final hole on The River is also the longest par 4. The fairway bunker running the entire length of the hole awaits players who cut off too much on the left. The putting green slopes left toward the river.